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Riderless World

Being shown by European Cultural Centre (ECC) 
during the Venice Biennale

European Cultural Centre, Palazzo Mora, Venice, Italy
April 23rd to November 27th 2022

In Memoriam

of all those we lost to COVID 19

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Memories are what make us who we are. In moments of great desolation we must remind ourselves that those we have lost, live on forever in our hearts.


In the wake of one of the greatest tragedies of our times, the world currently finds itself in pieces that need to be picked up by those who have survived the onslaught of the pandemic. While we are anxious to return to some notion of normalcy, we must take pause and look back at what became of a world characterised by its shrinking borders and the creation of a single global community.

The sculpture Riderless World is an elegy for a world torn asunder. The sculpture features a bronze horse with its tail and a part of its abdomen broken apart and placed upon marble platforms, representing the state of the world and lamenting all that we have irretrievably lost. The cavity left by the broken piece is populated by flowers that acknowledge all that is missing and urge us to persevere with our efforts to patch the world back together.

Behind the horse is a wall onto which people who have lost their lives to the pandemic are memorialised by means of a projector. Their names slowly scroll on the wall, as the audience adds the names of their loved ones to the list.

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If you're a Museum, Gallery or Art consultant and would like to display the installation, 

Please reach out to us:

Add the loved ones you have lost to the Covid so that they may be memorialized as the sculpture is shown around the world.

Thanks for submitting!

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